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“Republicans Stand For Fiscal Responsibility”

“The republican party is the party of fiscal responsibility.”

Good one!  That’s a hilarious statement.  What’s not amusing is that congressional republicans have used fiscal responsibility as a pretense to block nearly everything President Obama has attempted to get done.  They’ve done this with a straight face, bitching and moaning about the horror of the national debt, despite the fact that every single republican administration since Nixon has dramatically increased the federal budget deficit.  In contrast, democratic administrations have either been deficit neutral (Jimmy Carter) or, incredibly, presided over budget surpluses (Clinton).

Take a look at this chart (click the image to enlarge):

Deficit tracker

As you can see, the only modern president to shrink the deficit every single year of his term was President Clinton.  So what happened to the $236 billion surplus that he left us?  His conservative successor, President George W. Bush, needed only two years to erase it completely– and within four years, had created a $413 billion budget shortfall.  That’s a $632 billion swing in four years– and now the republicans have the nerve to call Obama irresponsible?

George W. Bush wasn’t the only republican president to raise the deficit– Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush each left office having increased the size of the deficit they inherited.

Obviously, increasing the national debt is something republicans take pride in.  Now that there is a democrat in office, republicans want you to believe that they stand for fiscal responsibility.  Don’t believe it!

4 comments to “Republicans Stand For Fiscal Responsibility”

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  • […] $630+ billion spending shortfall by GWB! Right Wing Whopper indeed! We hear the same dribble here too […]

  • keith

    Regardless of what happened in the past, is it not time the government stop this spending spree, (on both sides)who do you think is going to pay for it? Why do we always have to try to place blame? When is ONE politician going to stand up and say “oops, I don’t think we should have done that!”

    The rich are not going to pay, history shows us that the tax increases that follow these spending sprees (“we have to pay for it now”) gets passed down to the poor through inflation and price increases, which is ironic that while the intentions of helping low and middle class families is noble, sometimes we only hurt them later…

    I am personally sick of BOTH sides constantly pointing the finger. If ever someone comes up with REAL solutions, I will be surprised.

    Obama is constantly breaking promises that got him elected, where is the transparency? Why aren’t troops coming home yet? Where are these middle class tax breaks? Why aren’t you asking those questions and stop acting like everything is getting better, it is getting WORSE!

  • Dan

    Keith, I agree that pointing fingers doesn’t solve anything. But when the GOP is desperately blocking everything that Obama is trying to do, under the pretense that they are somehow concerned about the size of our deficit, you can’t just ignore it.

    I’m impatient with Obama too, but he deserves some more time. He inherited an incredible mess, and now he’s trying to fix it with absolutely no support from the GOP. It’s true that some of his campaign promises haven’t come true yet, but he’s heading in the right direction if you ask me. I disagree with you that things are getting worse. The economy is gradually improving, and if you think about the situation about 13 months ago, there were serious analysts expecting our financial system to literally shut down, taking the rest of the economy down with it. We’re far from a strong economy, but things could be a whole lot worse.

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