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“Democrats Don’t Support the Military”

“Democrats don’t support our troops.”

Of all the lies right wingers tell, this one is the most disgusting.  For instance, Rush Limbaugh recently said this:

I actively think that liberals seek the defeat of the military. I think they’re happy. I think liberals get excited when the military doesn’t work because they have a general pacifist view of everything. They think the use of the American military is always unjust, uncalled for, unwise, and unfair, being that we’re the only superpower. And any time we take it on the chin, I think they’re happy because it allows them to say, “See, this doesn’t work.”

Limbaugh couldn’t be more wrong. Every democrat or liberal that I’ve ever met has a tremendous amount of respect for the men and women serving in the military. So much respect that they don’t want to see their lives lost in battle unless it is really, truly necessary.

Supporting the troops means using military action as a last resort.

Supporting the troops means understanding that the lives of our increasingly young servicemen and women will never be the same after they’ve experienced battle.

Supporting the troops means taking care of them once they’re home, not cutting the the programs that many veterans depend on.

Supporting the troops does not mean clamoring for their deployment every chance that you get.

Democrats acknowledge that there are times when military conflict is unavoidable.  But democrats don’t share the lust for blood that many right-wingers apparently have.  Democrats believe that war is an option, but that it should be the last option.  They believe this precisely because they value the lives of the men and women in the military too much to send them needlessly into harms way.

Right-wingers would have you believe that because democrats generally oppose war except as a last resort, they don’t support the troops.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

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