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“Democrats in Congress Forced Banks to Make Bad Loans”

“Democrats forced banks to make bad loans so that even people who couldn’t afford a house could own one.” Right wingers have been saying this since soon after the financial collapse of 2008.  They have to make this argument, because otherwise responsibility for the sub-prime mortgage crisis falls primarily on President Bush and/or the free […]

“Republicans Stand For Fiscal Responsibility”

“The republican party is the party of fiscal responsibility.”

Good one! That’s a hilarious statement. What’s not amusing is that congressional republicans have used fiscal responsibility as a pretense to block nearly everything President Obama has attempted to get done. They’ve done this with a straight face, bitching and moaning about the horror of the national debt, despite the fact that every single republican administration since Nixon has dramatically increased the federal budget deficit. In contrast, democratic administrations have either been deficit neutral (Jimmy Carter) or, incredibly, presided over budget surpluses (Clinton).